weiand 142-177 supercharger dual carb adapter. I have no issues with the drivability department. - Learn the proper way to pick a blower pulley combination that's right for your application. Official March Products. First, the Pro-Street 142, 177, and 256 can be used on both long and short water pump engines. Weiand 6813WIN Weiand 142/177 Powercharger Drive Pulley - 10-Rib, 7" Diameter. These are high line and premium products in every sense of the word. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. I'm thinking it won't fit under the stock hood. When is a 142 better? Sign Up . Will also run a bugcatcher. (self.Cartalk) submitted 1 year ago by ellevehc chevelle. First, all Pro-Street kits listed above can be used on both long and short water pump engines, depending on the length of the blower. If your engine is … If you're looking for a cost effective method of increasing your supercharged engine's output and improving reliability, install a SuperChiller Intercooler. Dyno is your typical Dyno-Jet spin-the-big-roller deal. ...just dreaming, 1986 C 20 Scottsdale long bed. The 177 supercharger is designed for engines that are modified and can take advantage of the extra flow capacity. Look to Weiand as your power source! SIGN-UP AND SAVE. Bolt-on 75 to 150 horsepower. 25 Years, Made in America! Lots of horsepower for little money can make you happy, but it's not always easy to find. But under a cowl hood, yes. All Rights Reserved. These instructions cover the following Weiand Supercharger kits: Application Weiand Supercharger Kit Sizes Small Block Chevy 142 & 144 Big Block Chevy 174 There are some important differences between these kits. Find Weiand Supercharger Nose Drive Assemblies and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Post Feb 26, 2007 #1 2007-02-26T18:50. the weiand stealth vs the performer rpm, the weiand stealth has a slightly wider rpm range, but not enough to make any real difference. Weiand 7750-1 Pro-Street Supercharger Kit Procharger Chevy SBC BBC P-1SC Supercharger Serpentine Tuner Kit EFI Carb *At 0:30, we tell you how buying quality forced induction … Take a moment to drop by The Store and shop our products. i have a 305v8 i want to put on a edelbrock performer 2101 or 2701 which one is better. Weiand has been a high performance power source since creating the first ever aluminum intake manifold in 1937! 46 Posts . Today, Weiand is still at the forefront of intake manifold and blower development as well as high flow water pumps. weiand 142-177 supercharger dual carb adapter.mp4 - YouTube Diameter - 6 Rib - For 142/144/177 Blower 90534 PowerCharger Pulley Weiand View the Full List of Automotive Applications » More Details » Item #: 432255 - … I like the look and sound. Included is two precision hi speed ball bearings for the front of the supercharger, two rear caged roller needle bearings, four rotor shaft seals, blower snout seal and bearing plus front cover, bearing plate and base gasket. Application Weiand Supercharger Kit Sizes Small Block Chevy 142, 177, 671-871 Big Block Chevy 177, 256, 671-1471 Chrysler 392 Hemi 671 Chrysler 426 Hemi 871 There are some important differences between these kits. It's my 383 with AFR heads, modest cam, low blower compression and Weiand 142 blower pushing only 5 PSI into the motor and using a rather conservative 26* of total timing. 38 watching. So the locating pilot of the Weiand pulley is smaller than the dampener hole. Part Number: WND-6791 Not Yet Reviewed EMAIL SPECIALS! Re: 142 Weiand supercharger hood clearance? The 671-871 small block and the 671- SUPERCHARGERS Technical Information. Pulley, Supercharger, Serpentine, Aluminum, Black Powdercoated, Weiand 142/177, Each. We add new items all of the time. Re: will a weiand 144 or 177 stick out the hood? The Weiand 142 Pro Street Super Charger is a 100% brand new super charger. I'll try taking a stab at this. Add To Cart. They are made of aluminum and come in a satin or polished finish to match your supercharger case and intake manifold assembly. You are now signed up to receive great E-Mail Offers! 177 SuperChiller Intercooler, Holley/Weiand. E-mail . These Weiand supercharger nose drive assemblies will replace your existing nose drive without any modifications. Weiand 6617 Weiand Powercharger Lower Pulley - 16-Rib, 6" Diameter. Weiand 90580 SuperCharger Intake Manifold, Weiand 90581 SuperCharger Intake Manifold, Weiand 90584 SuperCharger Intake Manifold, Weiand 90585 SuperCharger Intake Manifold, Weiand 90592 PowerCharger Crankshaft Pulley, Weiand 90633 Powershot Air Cleaner Filter Element, Weiand 90683 Harmonic Balancer Spacer Kit, Weiand 90684 PowerCharger Serpentine Belt Installation Kit, Weiand 90748 PowerCharger Intake Manifold Adapter Kit, Weiand 90824 Pro-Street SuperCharger Serpentine Drive Belt, Weiand 90825 Pro-Street SuperCharger Serpentine Drive Belt, Weiand 90826 Pro-Street SuperCharger Serpentine Drive Belt, Weiand 90827 Pro-Street SuperCharger Serpentine Drive Belt, Weiand 90830 PowerCharger Crankshaft Pulley, Weiand 90831 PowerCharger Crankshaft Spacer, Weiand 90835 Pro-Street SuperCharger Serpentine Drive Belt, Weiand 90845 PowerCharger Thermostat Housing Adapter, Weiand 90884 PowerCharger Input Housing Assembly, Weiand 90920-1 Pro-Street SuperCharger Assembly, Weiand 90921-1 Pro-Street SuperCharger Assembly, Weiand 90928-1 Pro-Street SuperCharger Assembly, Weiand 91053 SuperCharger Intake Manifold, Weiand 91054 SuperCharger Intake Manifold, Weiand 91162 Pro-Street SuperCharger Serpentine Drive Belt, Weiand 91165 SuperCharger Gasket and Seal Kit, Weiand 91180 PowerCharger Input Shaft/Coupler Kit, Weiand 91181 PowerCharger Input Shaft/Coupler Kit, Weiand 91182 PowerCharger Input Shaft/Coupler Kit, Weiand 91201 PowerCharger 10 Rib Drive Upgrade Kit. Fits Weiand 142/177 Superchargers; View Details. I'm hoping my gas mileage will encrease if I install the 142, I'm getting 14 to 16 mpg right now. It's a 302, so it's a real turd. The Weiand 177 mini-blower kits are made to run with a stamped steel crank pulley sandwiched between the dampener and blower pulley. Copyright © 2020 Tognottis Auto / Truck. Edelbrock vs Weiand Intake (BEWARE). Thirty years later Weiand developed complete blower drives for the GMC 6–71 supercharger. Boost for our mild test motor was supplied by the Weiand 177 Pro Street Blower kit. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Weiand Powercharger Kit 142Csb Ld Satin at Amazon.com. Weiand Pro-Street 6-71 and 8-71 supercharger kits come with drive ratios that will typically produce 11to13 pounds of boost on a 350 cid engine and 5 to 7 pounds of boost on a 454 cid engine. Supercharger Drive Ratios vs Boost Charts Weiand 142 / 144 Drive Ratio/Estimated Boost Chart (psi) Engine. Buy It Now. C $468.09. I notice you drive your truck daily. See our additional drive ratio charts at the end of this section. $2,600.00. To make more power you have to get more air to your engine. It has a factory rating of 8.0:1 compression from the factory, which is more like 7.5:1 in my experence. The Vin starts with the #2. Login with username, password and session length, Does a 142 weiand supercharger fit under the stock hood? If you don't find what you're looking for, shoot us an email (webmaster@73-87chevytrucks.com) - it simply may not have been added yet. Weiand developed the first ever aluminum intake manifold in 1937. We machined up this spacer to properly locate the pulley during dyno testing. Shop with confidence. 177 Weiand Intercooler. $7.93 Ships directly from the manufacturer in 24hrs Lowest Price Guarantee. Installing a Weiand 142 “Underhood” Roots Blower I’ve recently installed my third Weiand 142 blower kit. Weiand 6512-1 Weiand 177 Powercharger Kit - Long Nose - Satin. SimplePortal 2.3.5 © 2008-2012, SimplePortal. ... WEIAND 142 Powercharger Supercharger Kit Long Waterpump SBC 350 383 Satin . Find great deals on eBay for weiand 177 and sbc supercharger. Performance goals are fat rolling burnouts. RBS carries a full supply of rebuild parts for the B&M mini blowers and with this kit you can tune up your blower and enjoy many trouble free miles in your hot rod. Customs services and international tracking provided. No different than driving one with a regular intake except for the bottom-end torque that is produced. Weiand blower running a 3.07-inch diameter top pulley and 7-inch diameter bottom pulley (228% overdrive, i.e. We Bolt on a Weiand 142 Blower and Make 470 hp. Discussion Starter • #1 • Feb 23, 2004. « Reply #10 on: February 18, 2014, 08:07:17 PM » Quote from: rewardedgamer on February 18, 2014, 05:05:22 PM In the case of our ever dependable Scoggin-Dickey supplied Goodwrench Quest 350, we had come upon an impasse. $80.00. Today, Weiand produces unmistakable power-building components. All, has anyone ever upgraded from the smaller 144 CI underhood blower to its larger brother the 177… 73-87ChevyTrucks.com offers select, high quality parts for sale that help fund this website and Forum. How's that drive with a supercharger. Sounds awesome, I am highly considering a Weiand 142 mini-blower (stock legal version) for a stock 350 in my '86 K5 Blazer. Thank you! It's in my 78 Malibu (my Grandmother's old car with 35K original miles!) Plan to run it on practically stock chevy small blocks. The truck already has full … The kind that seem to be everywhere these days. Weiand's Pro-Street superchargers represent a significant leap in technology for obtaining substantial performance gains while maintaining drive ability and reliability. SIGN-UP FOR TEXT MESSAGES AND SAVE! This one happens to be on my 78 Malibu but almost everything in this article applies to a carbureted 3rd gen F-Body- even a computer control carbureted one. 5# or so of boost. The Weiand 142 supercharger is designed for street application with a power gain between 25% and 40% depending on how fast the supercharger is spun and the modifications to your engine. In fact, one of my previous installs was on a carbureted 3rd gen. LOL...don't expect better milage unless you can exercise foot control, which after 5 years I still can't seem to master. I drive my 82 Blazer every other day and have considered the 142 supercharger, but I was just wondering how the drivability was. 0 bids. Weiand 142 vs 177? The glove box says:A01, D45, GU5,MXO, UF2, VF1, V31, YYK,  ZY1, Z62, A28, E63, LE9, U58, VO2, XYK,  ZYK ,Z53, XEE1. The Weiand line offers superchargers in the 142, 144, 174, 177, 250, and 256 series and also covers 6-71 and 8-71 applications. Brand New. at 5,000 engine rpm the blower is spinning 11,400 rpm). For Chevy, Ford, Chrysler, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buick, Cadillac & AMC model cars. Description: Upper - 2.66 in. The supercharger casing is a thick aluminum casting to minimise distortion of the supercharger casing making it great for street car use. $88.42 shipping. Edelbrock torker intake. #1 Maintenance FREE Serpentine Kits,Pulley & Brackets, Billet AC, Rods, Brackets and Accessories for American car models. Plus it''ll look like you''re loaded for bear. To quantify what water-methanol injection is and how it works, we teamed up with the guys at Snow Performance and installed one of their Stage 2 kits on a Chevy small-block with a Weiand 142 … From United States +C $42.20 shipping. Hitachi Semiconductor. Blower Size and Type *: Please specify which blower and size blower you have or call us at 208-985-7650 to place this order. … Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. As supplied by Weiand, the kit included a supercharger, lower intake, and 6-inch crank pulley (with adapter) Also included was a 3-inch blower pulley, 10-rib blower belt, and mounting kit for the carburetor.