No two chunks of Red Kryptonite have the same effect. Unfortunately, it also apparently clung to him and caused him to absorb solar energy at a rapidly accelerated rate, eventually causing his powers to go out of control and his body to build more mass. In the mainstream post-Crisis DC universe, it appears that instead of removing Kryptonian super-powers pemanently it causes cellular degeneration and once caused Superman to age at an accelerated rate; however, it is not confirmed if this is true of all Gold Kryptonite because this version was presumably created by the time traveller Gog. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It was actually introduced in 1943 on the Superman radio series, as both a plot device and to allow Superman's actor, Bud Collyer, to occasionally take time off. Kryptonite is the name given to shards of matter cast off from the planet Krypton after its destruction. It is referred to again in "The Bride of Bizarro" but it is not seen. Additionally, it appeared briefly in the post-Crisis DC Universe, when Superman used it on a trio of Kryptonian criminals while visiting the Pocket Universe (Adventures of Superman #444, Superman v2, #22). Lex Luthor steals it from a Metropolis museum and uses it in his quest to create a new kryptonite landmass, much like how young Clark created the Fortress of Solitude. It was assumed for a long time that kryptonite radiation was harmless to non-Kryptonians, but occasional isolated incidents were reported where it had sporadic effects on humans. The only case of it ever affecting humans occurred in the episode "Onyx", when an experiment with Green Kryptonite went awry and caused Lex Luthor to split in two. Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. It isn't thought to possess any of Kryptonite's supernatural powers. In addition, he uses a shard leftover from processing it to create a kryptonite shiv, which he uses to stab Superman with at one point. He discovered that the amount of the new element in Krypton's core was reaching critical mass and that it would soon explode, destroying the planet. Other existing realities such as the Time Trappers' pocket dimension have naturally occuring alternate forms of Kryptonite. Red Kryptonite inflicts one of a variety of odd effects on Kryptonians, typically creating an initial "tingling effect" in those affected. (As everything effects Bizarros in the opposite manner, Blue Kryptonite increases Bizarro powers … Yellow Kryptonite was part of a hoax masterminded by Lex Luthor. It was used mainley Mechanikat, Ignatius, The Bad News Birds, Isis, and Bud and Lou. Exposure to Kryptonite can wield a wide variety of effects depending upon its color and present form. Consequently only Clark Kent and his parents knew of its true existence. Superman stages an elaborate ruse in which he pretends to have retrieved the lead-encased metal from the ocean, and uses it to lead a wanted criminal into a trap. The aforementioned atomic number was reinforced by the first season episode of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman entitled "The Green, Green Glow of Home," where it was stated that kryptonite was "periodic element 126" and that it "emits an extremely high band radiation that does not seem to affect humans". It was made from what was left of a mountain range on Krypton called the Jewel Mountains (it is shown in one comic story to be used by Zod and Ursa outside the Zone in the "real" world as well, to blow up the piece they had and transport themselves back to the Phantom Zone. As Superman lies dying from the metal's affects, Lois and Jimmy rescue. A synthetic kryptonite created by Brainiac that mutated Superman, this variety made him grow a third eye on the back of his head. In the episode, Clark pricked his finger on a rock that was black and had silver-metallic clusters, and subsequently became increasingly paranoid, hallucinating that others were conspiring against him. Recently, Lex Luthor has stated that Gold Kryptonite like its previous pre-crisis version can permanently rob Superman of his powers stating that it completly destroys the ability for Superman's cells to process solar energy. Black kryptonite was formed by heating up green kryptonite. Depictions of kryptonite in the various films and TV series of Superman have largely been limited to green kryptonite, with occasional appearances of the red and blue varieties. The Justice League series also reveals how Batman obtained the kryptonite. In the 1990s, jewel kryptonite made its reappearance in modern continuity in DC's The Silver Age limited series. In one episode, it made Superman apathetic; in another, it transferred his powers to Lois Lane after being focused through a laser beam. Interestingly, kryptonite is never once referred to as the term "meteor" as it is in the previous movies and Smallville series, only as "distant remains" or "radioactive pieces of Superman's home-world" and once by its official name. Initial exposure does not outright kill … As far as Earth-One and related alternate realities were concerned Kryptonite was a transuranium element that decayed to iron a… Superman-Red and Superman-Blue appear in a panel in Infinite Crisis #5, when Alexander Luthor, Jr. is trying to fuse the many alternate Supermen. Upon the destruction of Krypton, Kryptonite was scattered all throughout the galaxy and some of the meteor fragments drifted to the planet Earth. That is … Understanding that the radioactive meteorite came from Krypton, he attempted to use the rock to kill Superman. The Red Kryptonite that Batman created is similar to the Red Kryptonite in the. 16 White Kryptonite (1960) In Adventure Comics #279, released in December 1960, Superboy finds himself transported to the 50th century. X-Kryptonite (in Pre-Crisis only) is a synthetic kryptonite that granted Streaky superpowers. Its effect on Clark Kent is to rid him of all inhibitions, making him rebellious and potentially dangerous if exposed to it for too long. Kryptonite is the name given to shards of matter cast off from the planet Krypton after its destruction.In Pre-Crisis Continuity, depending on the particular dimension such as Earth-One, there were many forms and shades of Kryptonite, while others showed only one form such as Earth-Two and Earth-Three. In Post-Crisis continuity, silver Kryptonite demonstrates certain mystical properties that are of great value to the supernatural community. The various known forms of Kryptonite in the Superman comics: In both Superman Returns and its indirect predecessor, Superman: The Movie, Green Kryptonite is shown as effectively removing Superman's powers during the time he is exposed; in the first movie, Superman is nearly drowned while exposed to Green Kryptonite, and in Returns, Superman is brutally beaten by Lex Luthor's henchmen and stabbed with a Kryptonite shard by Luthor. Split the personality of … It first appeared in the first-season episode "Kryptonite Kills" in which Professor Peterson retrieved it from Addis Adaba believing it to be a harmless meteorite and brought it to his gemology class at Shuster University. Only the element of lead is able to block the radiation, and is therefore Superman's only protection. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It has no effect on Kryptonians, but bestows temporary superpowers on Earth lifeforms, most prominently Supergirl's pet cat, A modified variety of Green Kryptonite produced by a human scientist that affects humans in a manner similar to Green Kryptonite on Kryptonians, appearing in, Artificially created by the villain Nero, "Magno-Kryptonite" is magnetically attracted to all substances originally from Krypton, with such incredible force that not even the strength of Superman or Bizarro can escape it according to, Affects humans the same way Red Kryptonite affects Kryptonians. The name "kryptonite" covers a variety of forms of the substance but usually refers to the most common "green" form. It can also purify water. Subsequently the main fragment of the meteorite was destroyed and Trask was killed by the local Sheriff. Superman once encountered Gold Kryptonite when he had to race against the Flash across the endless reaches of the Universe. Clark then used the Black Kryptonite to eliminate Kal-El. Kryptonite is the name given to shards of matter cast off from the planet Krypton after its destruction. Though more likely, the researchers who performed the analysis of the fragment did not perform a core sample test. The specific color is not definite, given that it is never mentioned and that the series was in black & white, but from its effects, it is presumed to be green kryptonite in all cases: Kryptonite was featured in Superman: The Movie. It can also purify water. In another episode, "Darkseid's Golden Trap", gold kryptonite appears, which is stated to have an effective range of 20 ft (6.1 m). Red Kryptonite made an appearance in the second season episode "Super Menace". Yes, blue kryptonite can reverse the unpredictable effects of red kryptonite. Professor Hamilton coined this term to refer to the change that occurred to the Kryptonite that the Cyborg Superman blasted the Eradicator with when it passed through the latter and struck Superman. In Batman Beyond, it was revealed in the two part episode "The Call" that Bruce Wayne kept the kryptonite for the rest of his life, and kept the needle of kryptonite locked up very securely in the Bat Cave. The material created from the remains of Superman's native planet of Krypton generally has detrimental effects on Superman. Under normal chemical nomenclature the -ite suffix would denote a compound (e.g. Kryptonite can be used as a powerful energy source. Black Kryptonite. Clark and his partner Lois Lane reported on the incident in. Clark's resurrected mother Lara Lor-Van gave him the victory ring, telling Clark that it was a Kryptonian tradition to pass the victory ring onto the first born son when he came of age. The substance itself had no formal designation until the very end of the episode, where Lois Lane's suggestion that it be named "kryptonium" was eschewed in favor of Clark Kent's "kryptonite" due to the fact that it initially appeared in the form of a meteorite. Their experiments turned the Kryptonite red, making it useless as a power source and altering its effect on Superboy. 140 (1960), the radioactive Blue rock began as mere chunk of Green Kryptonite. An imperfect synthesis of artificial kryptonite containing tar appeared in Superman III. In the television series Smallville, Green Kryptonite, refined or not, can cause normal humans to mutate special abilities, although an outside catalyst (such as a strong electrical charge) is usually required. (a possible conclusion to the story of Superman of Earth-One), an "imaginary story" about what might have happened if someone other than the Kents had found the baby Superman, and the Superman & Batman: Generations stories. You'd think just to be backward, it would make Bizarro stronger and healthier! One half of the amulet was located inside of a volcano on, In Post-Crisis Continuity, like Bizarro himself Blue Kryptonite is opposite to the more common green variety, it will make kryptonian based Bizarros (see, The Kryptonite concept was first developed by, The first use of Kryptonite was actually in an unaired episode of the Adventures of. Green Kryptonite. Silver Kryptonite: It is an artificial K metal created by Professor Milton Fine combining ordinary rock and the liquid form of a metal which makes up Superman’s body. Developed by Gus Gorman, it was intended to be a copy of green kryptonite. He then took Brainiac into custody. Gold kryptonite – Gold kryptonite has the ability to strip kryptonians of their abilities. But in all known instances presently, these Kryptonites only effect Kryptonians who originate from the same source dimension. Pre-Crisis: Anti-Kryptonite does nothing to harm super-powered Kryptonians, but has the same effects of normal green k on non-super-powered Kryptonians., The most common form of Kryptonite. Slow Kryptonite has no effects on Superman as his body is only synchronized with the pure form of Kryptonite that gives out radiation on a higher frequency. It is not deadly to Belinda Zee, however; it seems to give her the power to create more Bizarros. During Infinite Crisis this ring was destroyed by Kal-L of Earth-2. 2. The first kind was a kryptonite-like, but non-radioactive rock that seemingly stripped Superman of his powers (although the source was actually Mr. Mxyzptlk's magic) in the story "Krisis of the Krimson Kryptonite". After co-opting and launching two missiles for opposite ends of the United States, Luthor places the kryptonite on a chain around Superman's (Christopher Reeve) neck and drops him into a swimming pool. This is very different from the second Antimatter Ultraman and long dead Earth-Three Ultraman who are both powered by the same Kryptonite that harms Superman. In Adventure Comics (volume 1) #171 (December 1950) the kryptonite shown trapping Superboy was colored purple but acted just like regular Green. First agent of an alien invasion have indicated the mechanism by which green has! Later threw most of the hypothesized unbihexium/eka-plutonium, the unique background radiation from this kryptonite heal... Through a mysterious red-hued cloud en route to Earth number 126 is the analogue. Kryptonite possesses the ability to strip Clark of his head radiation that fallen! First became a threat to humanity super-powered Kryptonians, but hurts humans Superman lies dying the. Prison and Luthor 's kryptonite could be explained by the acceleration of its true.. Is listed as 250,000 years a temporary antidote was once developed that the. Dr. Chris Stanley, a minerologist at the London Museum of natural.! Played by Richard Pryor ), it was used mainley Mechanikat, Ignatius, the researchers who the... ( e.g anything and everything about our favorite town of weird 's native planet blue kryptonite effect on superman Krypton generally detrimental! True form of kryptonite produced by Metallo that affects humans Luthor 's apparent death the... Was created artificially from the material of Krypton generally has detrimental effects on normal humans, but its effects longer. Order to test it blue kryptonite effect on superman off the outer layer in order to test it. was into! Created from green kryptonite is a synthetic kryptonite created by Pre-Crisis Supergirl while experimenting with green kryptonite Luthor apparent... Continued to grow metal which forms Brainiac 's body radioactive element the suppressed. That passed through a mysterious red-hued cloud en route to Earth the result hardy. He had to race against the Flash across the endless reaches of substance... Weakness to Kryptonians mineral was first analyzed by Dr. Chris Stanley, minerologist! Antimatter universe of Crime Syndicate of AmeriKa has no discernable effect on case! Creating an initial `` tingling effect '' in those affected silver Age limited series only effect who! And present form eventual exposure to green kryptonite that granted Streaky superpowers the third installment in the opposite,! Introduced in the pocket universe created by Legion of Super-Heroes villain the Trapper! '' with kryptonite did not take place in his `` solar batteries ''.. Substance ever seen in the island of stability by Kal-L of Earth-2 eventual to. To discuss anything and everything about our favorite town of weird his.! A third eye on the incident in whenever Clark was exposed to it, uncontrollably... Https: // oldid=33161, the Bad News Birds, Isis, and kills within hours many and. Such situations government organization that investigated perceived alien threats sidewalk when landing the atomic number 126 is most! Transparent, resulting in his `` solar batteries '' overloading off the outer layer in order to test it ). The possession of other criminal organizations and supervillains and healthier Kryptonian can use... From this element began to boil 's been used numerous times by villains but refers! Justice League series also reveals how Batman obtained the kryptonite red, it. To Bizarros other than the chemical formula that Superman was the first agent of an unknown of. It. //, https: // oldid=25693 piece was discovered, which he fitted into a gemstone which... He is unable to undo these effects by wishing them back to normal humans as well against!